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15 Tips For Men

Techniques, Ideas, Principles and Strategies for effective leadership

  1. Put God and His Word first in all aspects of your life. Let God’s Word be your final authority in every decision you take.
  2. Always pray for your family, wife, and children.
  3. Be an exceptional example in church and work.
  4. You were born to lead, therefore study leadership every week.
  5. Constantly develop your Attitude, Skills & Knowledge and develop those around you.
  6. You should obtain a minimum of the ‘Certificate in Christian Studies’ moving towards a Doctorate.
  7. Follow these four most powerful steps at home and church: aim, plan, action & review.
  8. Obtain a balanced lifestyle in the following eight areas: health, personal development, community involvement, career, family, finance, social and spiritual life
  9. Remember: “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” “It’s not the size of the project, it’s the size of the leader that counts.” Dr John Maxwell
  10. Be aware of the three main things that destroys men in the church: sex, money and power.
  11. You must lead yourself before you can lead others.
  12. The quality of your learning is based on the quality of your questions. Ask more than you answer.
  13. The first one to get angry often loses, stay calm at all times.
  14. Bad things happen to the very best of us, it’s your job to overcome them.
  15. “If a business is short on finance it can borrow from the bank, if it’s in a poor location it can relocate, but if it’s lacking in leadership there is very little it can do to help it’s survival or success.” Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus.




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