What Some Women Say!

The Challenge of leadership

This list may not relate to you. Read carefully, be honest, identify what affects you and others then set an aim, devise a plan, action it and review it often. If necessary seek help from a counsellor or mentor. What some women say about men:

  1. Too emotionless in services (especially worship) unless they have the mike? They put more effort and interest in sex, food and football.
  2. Are so laid-back and not passionate about winning other men for Christ. Do men struggle to evangelise friends and colleagues?
  3. Not willing to be the spiritual leader in the home.
  4. Communicate infrequently but expect great sex without any conversation or interest in their wives.
  5. Expect the woman to be their source of inspiration and leave the woman to deal with issues on her own.
  6. Egos are sooo big. Is there any biblical evidence that this is normal?
  7. Intimidated by strong independent women.
  8. Inability to understand, listen and communicate with a female counterpart.
  9. Men who are in intimate relationships are happy to have ‘secret’ friendships with other women. They do not tell their partners about the friendship, as they do not want to evoke feelings of jealousy. The friendship often leads to sexual innuendo. Is it right for men to have ‘secret’ friendships with another woman?
  10. Married men who find it acceptable to have emotional affairs with other women.
  11. Not appreciating that single women are vulnerable and exercise consideration in their interactions with them.
  12. Married men giving money regularly to other women without their wives knowing.
  13. Want women to mother them.
  14. Want to have total control in the relationship.
  15. Too submissive to women (mothers, sisters and wives.)
  16. Lack of sexual satisfaction for the wife (intercourse needs vary between women and men).
  17. Comparing their partner with their relative i.e. mother, aunty, sister or past relationships.
  18. Want an easy, laid-back, quiet and passive woman so that they can maintain control.
  19. Quit their relationship too quickly.
  20. Play no meaningful role in their children’s lives after the relationship ends.
  21. Refusing to seek counselling or help even though the relationship is falling apart.
  22. Infatuated with external beauty more than a female’s interior (heart/personality.)
  23. Inability to work as part of a team or work in partnership.
  24. Judgmental and not accepting the partner for who she is and respecting her individuality.
  25. Too dull and quiet. Women need to hear their desires and hear how they feel and consider it.
  26. Lack ambition and adventure.
  27. Too abusive physically, sexually and emotionally.
  28. Flirting and not being a good Christian example at work.
  29. Take no pride in themselves, i.e. clean grooming, dentist, checkups, health clinics, doctors, sexual health, etc.
  30. Too sensitive to certain words and become angry too quickly.
  31. Scared to be “a man” for the sake of failing, so it is better not to try.
  32. Not always men we can be proud of (like our fathers/men of old).
  33. Spends most of their money on their toys rather than the family.
  34. No clear vision or plan of action to follow; just living day to day, pay cheque to pay cheque.
  35. Provide no help, support or mentorship to younger men or boys in the church.
  36. Have very little knowledge of the Word of God.

The Plan

  1. Find a mentor
  2. Attend all services as far as possible
  3. Complete the TSM courses
  4. Invest in yourself everyday
  5. Use your preferred learning style
  6. Aim, plan, action, review

Posted March 29, 2018 in: blo2, blog by Pastor Errol A Williams